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Despite their ancient origins, Log Houses are considered something new in recent years and consequently they spark interest and different questions. 

A Uni-Ca' log house costs the same as a traditional house built with quality materials. Its price varies from €1.200 to €2.600 per square meter.  

Yes, the administrative procedure for issuing building permits follows the same procedure as traditional buildings. 

Each Uni-Ca' house is born form the idea of its owner. A structural project is designed from it, which gives to the house its unique shape. The project may be requested to Uni-Ca' or be already done. 

Wood is a flexible, resistant and durable material: the huts in the Alps, the Nordic medieval buildings, the Japanese pagodas, the structure that supports Venice... are all made of wood. All trunks used for Uni-Ca' houses are destined to last over time because they are always cut at the right time and in the right place. Furthermore, the immediate debarking process makes them immune to parasites. 

Uni-Ca' can offer a "turnkey" product, from the project to the complete construction with fixtures and systems. For complementary works, such as foundations or basement, roof covering, tinsmith, plumber, electrician... Uni-Ca' collaborates with the best professionals in the area, known and trusted by the costumer too.   

It is possible to build a log house by using ecologically compatible products for insulation, such as sheep wool or rock fiber. Alternatively, synthetic insulation can be used which offers a greater performance. A natural maintenance treatment that can also be done by the owner is the application of linseed oil on the trunks during the first 2-3 years. 

Normally, the wood comes from Swiss forests where the altitude allows a slow growth of the tree, which  develops a more compact fiber as a consequence. It can also come from woods near the place where the house will be built, as long as the trees are suitable for type, characteristics and cutting period.  

It is not easy to say. It is proven that wooden houses meet the needs in terms of thermal, acoustic insulation and humidity control. However, the calculation of the energy class also takes into account the insulation of the roof, the floor, the walls, the type of fixtures and the heating system. 

The only limit could be the length of the logs, as it would be difficult to build walls longer than 10.5m with a single log. This problem can be solved by inserting a vertical element (such as a large log, a concrete pillar, a steel beam,...) to join the two horizontal logs or by creating a corner. 

A medium-sized log house can be built in about two months. The house must be designed at least a year in advance, in order to obtain all necessary building permits and to search and cut the suitable timber.  

In a log house it is possible to put any type of heating: stoves, fireplaces, underfloor heating...

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