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Wood and passion together to build a dream: your home! Wood is a natural material that gives well-being and creates an unrepeatable atmosphere and the Blockbau technique is an ancient method of working wood with art. These are the essential ingredients for UNI-CA ', a house that makes history!

Our leading construction company


Founded in 2005, Malugani is a dynamic and versatile company. 
It works in different and particular sectors as the traditional construction industry, the maintenance of buildings and bridges, the capture of water springs, all kind of rope access works (adventure parks, trees felling, confined spaces works, tensile structures building, continuous lifeline installation...), the environmental engineering and a wide range of wooden blockbau constructions (e.g. loghouses, tables, benches, ski racks...).   
What makes Malugani different from other companies is their constant experimentation of new and unconventional works in order to conceive and design different solutions which can respond and solve each specific problem posed by the costumer. 



Since 1969, certified experience in wood working


MDR LEGNAMI SRL was born in 2019 from the collaboration between two renowned companies with over fifty years of experience in wood working: Camillo de Rossi and Mariana Franco. 
Thanks to its 7.500 square meters of recent idustrial wharehouses and its 25.500 square meters of open land spread over two different realities, it fabricates both semi-finished and finished wooden products such as roofs and wooden houses, all custom-made. 
MDR is a dynamic and young but deeply experienced company, whose strong point is its versatility guaranteed by managing the entire transformation process of the wood, providing not only great professionalism, but also technical knowledge in compliance with present regulations. 


A unique project made to meet each costumer's need


The Ar. Mario Uberti's technical studio plays a crucial role in Uni-Ca', especially in what concerns the design of the house and all kind of technical and administrative support. His collaboration is extremely important because by studying the feasibility of each specific project, he makes the costumer's dream come true both from a structural and aesthetic point of view, always guaranteeing complianche with the regulations in force. 

Our network of experts


We have always been working with a team of skilled and reliable experts, the best in their field: 


Zugnoni Coperture Italy - Cosio V. (SO) - zugnonicoperture.com

Borroni Serramenti - Narro, Casargo (LC) - borroniserramenti.it

Spreafico Luciano, idraulico-lattoniere - Primaluna (LC) - spreaficoluciano.it

Every satisfied costumer is a new potential costumer


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